Worship planning update

As we start another year with the possibility of more disruption of our in-person activities, we wanted to share some opportunities to stay involved and have a say in what is happening in the RPUCC services.

We are looking for individuals who are routinely joining on-line for worship to act as our digital Ushers. We would like people to sign up for a month at a time and say hello to people joining us to help us create our radically inclusive environment for those online. We are still in the ‘creating’ phase of this idea, so by participating, you can be part of defining what this looks like and help us understand how to reach out to our on-line visitors more effectively.

Join the Worship Planning meetings. We meet approximately every quarter, virtual or in-person, and create or discuss:

  • the themes and topics for the next season of worship
  • the art/design of our space
  • liturgical music for services
  • the new and evolving segments of our worship 
  • the in-service congregational activities we would like to pursue

If any of this sounds interesting to you, or you want to hear more, please reach out to Tim Hoppe (timhoppe77@gmail.com), Rev. Kathy Itzin or Rev. T Michael Rock.

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