Presbyterian church in Arizona offers sanctuary to undocumented migrant

Perhaps you heard about “sanctuary” in Rev T Michael Rock’s sermon today, and you were curious about what it means. As Robbinsdale United Church of Christ discerns its calling, we are not without agency. We can learn as much as possible about sanctuary and pray without ceasing about God’s call for us. This article from Reuters tells aboutContinue reading “Presbyterian church in Arizona offers sanctuary to undocumented migrant”

What is Christian Mysticism?

And why is it important? Matthew Fox, Christian theologian explains this succinctly in an Earth Day 2011 article in the Huffington Post: Deep down, each one of us is a mystic. When we tap into that energy we become alive again and we give birth. From the creativity that we release is born the propheticContinue reading “What is Christian Mysticism?”

5 Pillars of Knowledge: What Everyone Should Know About Islam | Andrea Oranday

When reading the Qur’an and learning about what Islam truly is, I do not see the terrorists in the news or oppressive societies in the Middle East; I see the family from across the street that has never hesitated to help mine in times of need. Source: 5 Pillars of Knowledge: What Everyone Should KnowContinue reading “5 Pillars of Knowledge: What Everyone Should Know About Islam | Andrea Oranday”

UCC and Disciples leaders, in solidarity with Muslims, express abhorrence of hate speech

Recognizing that all people are created in the image of God, and heeding the words of our sacred scripture, we are disturbed and concerned as we witness the divisive discourse in our country concerning our Muslim neighbors. The leadership of the United Church of Christ and the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) are condemning recentContinue reading “UCC and Disciples leaders, in solidarity with Muslims, express abhorrence of hate speech”

Open Letter from Faith Leaders to Donald Trump

As leaders in America’s faith community, our institutions do not engage in partisan politics. We do, however, speak to important moral and ethical issues facing our nation. In this spirit, we write to express in the strongest possible terms our deep disappointment and even disgust with the proposal made by you to stop allowing MuslimsContinue reading “Open Letter from Faith Leaders to Donald Trump”

How Long, O Lord! | Rev. Dr. John C. Dorhauer

We are going to search for explanation, for rationale, for motives that makes sense out of these mass shootings – there is none to be found. Our hearts cannot endure much more. Heavy with the burden of a corporate grief that is becoming far too much to bear, catharsis is fast becoming our default mode.Continue reading “How Long, O Lord! | Rev. Dr. John C. Dorhauer”

The BIG Tent of Progressive Christianity : The BIG Tent of Progressive Christianity In case you haven’t heard, progressive Christianity is growing rapidly.  The growth is tied to increases in educational resources, gay rights going mainstream, and more progressive spiritual communities forming; as well as from an influx of the formerly labeled emergent crowd.  It’s also gaining momentum as more and more people come acrossContinue reading “The BIG Tent of Progressive Christianity”

#BlackLivesMatter: Honesty on Racial Injustice

“Eradicating racism will happen only as we take action to produce conditions that will allow for the fullness of life for those who have suffered its destructive impact, as we work to reorient institutions that perpetuate racist practices, and as we dismantle systems that coalesce to produce racial injustice.” —A New Awakening: A Pastoral LetterContinue reading “#BlackLivesMatter: Honesty on Racial Injustice”