Immigrant Welcoming: ICE Detention

In the United States, tens of thousands of immigrants are detained in county jails and for-profit prisons every day. The system of detention utilized by ICE (Immigration and Custom Enforcement) is huge and becoming harder and harder to navigate by the immigrant detainees. They may face months or years of detention, as our immigration courtsContinue reading “Immigrant Welcoming: ICE Detention”

Immigrant Welcoming: The Basic – Facts about Refugees and Immigrants

Immigrant Welcoming: The Basics – Facts about Refugees and Immigrants Do you know the difference between refugees, immigrants, undocumented persons, and asylum seekers? Here are very brief definitions of people who fall into these categories: Refugees – Persons who are outside the country of their nationality, and who are unable or unwilling to return to,Continue reading “Immigrant Welcoming: The Basic – Facts about Refugees and Immigrants”

Immigrant Welcoming: The Dreamers and DACA – Why This All Matters

Who Are the Dreamers? The Dreamers are about 800,000 undocumented youth and young adults whose parents brought them to the U.S before the age of 16. They have been living here uninterrupted since at least 2007. A great majority of these young people do not remember what it was like to live in their countryContinue reading “Immigrant Welcoming: The Dreamers and DACA – Why This All Matters”

Sanctuary Church Movement

The following was taken from the Minnesota Conference United Church of Christ COMMAntary e-newsletter, dated 2/24/17 Yes,¬†MOVEMENT¬†is indeed what is happening in our Conference when it comes to providing “Sanctuary” for immigrant families facing deportation. The Sanctuary Movement traces its roots to the 1980s, when many congregations were led to provide housing and other assistanceContinue reading “Sanctuary Church Movement”