Wish Your Muslim Neighbors a Blessed Ramadan

In 2017, Ramadan takes place May 26 – June 25. Show your Muslim neighbors that you support them and you wish them well during the holy month of Ramadan. The signs are available for $15.00—the proceeds goes to our church’s mission and ministry.  Contact Nathan Syverson at admin@robbinsdaleucc.org or on FaceBook to order. Our church’s order will beContinue reading “Wish Your Muslim Neighbors a Blessed Ramadan”

White Privilege: Let’s Talk

An Invitation to Transformational Dialogue (5 weeks) Thursday evenings, beginning February 2nd @ 7pm Led by: Revs. T. Michael Rock and Corii Varner Do you understand racial justice? know what White Privilege is all about? want to engage in a dialogue that isn’t about guilt? want to work for racial equity? We will provide a safeContinue reading “White Privilege: Let’s Talk”

A Pastoral Letter From MN UCC Conference Minister

“We claim faith in a God who became incarnate and lived among us, who shared intimately in our suffering and  grief.  We believe in a God who brings resurrecting power to the most desperate places.  Let us witness to that faith now.  Let us bring that same manner of profound presence and transforming love toContinue reading “A Pastoral Letter From MN UCC Conference Minister”

2016 Endowment Fund Request for Funds

The purpose of the Endowment Fund is to enhance the mission (and ministry) of Robbinsdale United Church of Christ. The Coordinating Council approved up to $12,419 to be spent this year. Any Ministry or group of RUCC members can apply for these funds. The application is due to Kathy Jo Gausman or Ken Beck byContinue reading “2016 Endowment Fund Request for Funds”

On Fire! In Love!

On Fire! In Love! was the theme of an ecumenical Pentecost worship Robbinsdale United Church of Christ hosted. In worship with us were two ecumenical partners, Nu Generation Gathering and Jesus is the Way Ministries International of the Twin Cities.  The worship featured song, dance, prayer, celebration, and communion. It was made possible in part throughContinue reading “On Fire! In Love!”

Robbinsdale United Church of Christ is a Sanctuary Congregation

As a community of faith, Robbinsdale United Church of Christ is committed to opening our doors to an immigrant family in need of sanctuary. We are open to this call at any time, day or night. We will do what the U.S. Congress has refused to do: protect immigrants from an immigration system that isContinue reading “Robbinsdale United Church of Christ is a Sanctuary Congregation”

Lent: The Season of YES

Sometimes our faith can get stuck.  Especially when we dwell on the “Thou Shalt Nots” and the “Don’ts.”  Some people experience this in Lent, when they come up with something they are going to “Go Without” or “Give Up,” like chocolate or sweets. This Lent we are asking what you want to say YES to? Continue reading “Lent: The Season of YES”

Ash Wednesday Service

Wednesday, February 10, 2016. 6:00pm: Soup & Bread Supper 7:00pm: Worship with Communion & Imposition of Ashes Ash Wednesday is the start of Lent. Lent is a season in the liturgical year where we prepare ourselves for Easter and the resurrection. Join us for a simple meal of bread and soup, followed by meaningful worshipContinue reading “Ash Wednesday Service”