Rev Kathy Itzin, Co-Pastor - Kathy Itzin is an ordained minister in the United Church of Christ. Shespent many years directing children’s formation programs in variousCatholic Churches before choosing to return to seminary and pastor acongregation. She and her wife raised four children and fostered several others withspecial needs. She has served on many Mn. Conference UCC andeducational and justice-orientedContinue reading "Rev Kathy Itzin, Co-Pastor"
Rev T Michael Rock, Co-Pastor - T Michael Rock is an ordained minister in the United Church of Christ since May 1996. Before coming to Robbinsdale Parkway in the Fall of 2006, he served churches in Sudbury, MA and Providence, RI. On a national level T Michael has been training teachers in community and religious settings to teach, Our Whole Lives: Sexuality and OurContinue reading "Rev T Michael Rock, Co-Pastor"
Rev Laura Cannata, Justice Minister - Pastor Laura Cannata is a Justice Minister. She specifically focuses on Mental Health and Disability Justice but is also versed in other areas of Justice. Duties include helping churches become Accessible to All and Mental Health aware. Also, pastoral care by phone. Favorite Bible verses are the story of Zacchaeus and Micah 6:8, “Do justice,Continue reading "Rev Laura Cannata, Justice Minister"
Dawn Carlson Conn, Commissioned Minister of Liturgical Arts - Dawn’s ministry is to help churches explore liturgical arts together in community. This can be through a structured activity where the all in the community participate in the act of creation. As they create, they work together to imbue the artwork with a very personal sense of meaning. Dawn is brilliant, and we are blessedContinue reading "Dawn Carlson Conn, Commissioned Minister of Liturgical Arts"
Ash Sukhu, Communications Coordinator - Contact the Communications Coordinator
Char Merz, Business Manager - Hello, Please contact me to inquire about giving or pledges, renting space, submitting receipts or verifying funds. My regular hours are 9:30 am – 2:30 pm on Tues. and Wed. I will get back to you then. Thank you.
Vicki Nicole - Custodian Vicki Nicole, Custodian - Vicki Nicole cares for our church in many ways. Aside from being a wonderful custodian, she shares her beautiful photography and writing. We thank her for her ministry.
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