2016 Endowment Fund Request for Funds

The purpose of the Endowment Fund is to enhance the mission (and ministry) of Robbinsdale United Church of Christ. The Coordinating Council approved up to $12,419 to be spent this year. Any Ministry or group of RUCC members can apply for these funds. The application is due to Kathy Jo Gausman or Ken Beck by Tuesday, May 31st. The Coordinating Council will make decisions at their June meeting.

The Bylaws stipulate:

  • up to 25% may be spent on capital projects (up to $3,104.75)
  • up to 25% may be spent on scholarships (up to $3,104.75)
  • 25% or greater on local outreach into the community (at least $3,104.75)
  • 25% or greater on the wider mission of the denomination (at least $3,104.75)

Hard copies of the Endowment Fund Request Form are also available at church.

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