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Welcome to our community. We hope that that your time with us is both healing and nourishing.

As of 9/15/2019, Robbinsdale Parkway United Church of Christ is a new congregation formed from the consolidation of Robbinsdale United Church of Christ and Parkway United Church of Christ, Minneapolis. This website is still being updated to reflect the consolidation.

Just Peace

means we work for a world where all of God’s peoples have everything they need. Shalom, God’s peace, is the birthright of all.

Laura Cannata, our disabilities minister participates in an activity in worship. Laura is using a motorized chair.


Over and over again, we have explored new ways in which we can include more and more people. Over and over again, we have affirmed that our ministries must be open to all.

A female couple holds hands at an outdoor retreat.

Open & Affirming

Full participation in the life of our community is open to all. We affirm the dignity and worth of all people. As our understanding grows, we intentionally seek ways to expand this welcome. God is still speaking,

RPUCC youth prepare food at Broadway Presbyterian Church's Four Star Soup Kitchen while on a  mission trip in New York City, NY,


We are a community that pushes the boundaries of our four walls. We are rooted both in Robbinsdale and North Minneapolis and we seek justice for all of our neighbors.

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